Boxing Week in Canada with ShipByMail

With the Holiday season well underway, many of us have sights set on Boxing Day sales. Millions of Canadians will have goods sent straight to their Canada address in the last week of the year. Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, December 26th and the following week are a great way to find amazing deals on all your favourite goods. Canada is a great place to shop, with a competitive dollar that can get you maximum savings. Don’t have addresses in Canada to ship to? As a premium package forwarder, ShipByMail can get you the best deals in Canada; a Canadian mailing delivered right to your doorstep, no matter where you live on the Globe.

Boxing Day With ShipByMail

In Canada, December 26th is the start of Boxing Week, where prices at most retailers often drop significantly. Following Black Friday, a relatively new Canadian tradition, Boxing Week is a chance for shoppers to take advantage of major deals before the New Year. This is the last opportunity for retailers to boost their revenue before the end of the calendar year. Whether you’re looking for that one special item or the chance to stock up on all your favourite things, Boxing Week is a great time to shop!

The history of Boxing Day is an old European tradition. Back before there were virtual mail addresses, the day following Christmas was known as the Feast of Saint Stephen, when those in service received their Christmas bonus. In this case, employees of the household or community would receive a box of goods from their employers or clients. Before this tradition, parishioners would give alms to those in need during the holiday season.

In modern times, the Boxing Day tradition has shifted. The end of the year is when most employers would give out an annual bonus to staff. Many families also had a tradition of giving spending money at Christmas, which continues today. In the days before the internet and the virtual mail address, eager shoppers would line up for hours outside local stores, hoping to grab a “doorbuster” deal. A doorbuster is a desirable product sold at rock-bottom prices, often with limited quantities. Even if you didn’t line up, you could find amazing deals pretty much anywhere.

 Shop Online In Canada in Boxing Week And Have Parcels Forwarded To You

Fast-forward to the present day where Boxing Day has become a week-long shopping extravaganza. The best part: it can be done from the comfort of your own home without an address Canada! No line ups, no travel. You can even get boxing day deals from half way across the planet without stepping out your door. This is where ShipByMail makes it even easier for you to get the goods you need at the best possible prices.

Boxing Week is a perfect time to stock up on your favourite tech, books, clothing, sporting goods, footwear, household accessories, toys, cosmetics and more! And, ShipByMail is the easiest way to send goods your way from Canada at the best possible prices. Canadian retailers offer excellent pricing during Boxing Week and now, these deals can come to you wherever you are. ShipByMail clients shop from coveted Canadian retailers like Lululemon,, Canada Goose, Toys R Us, Roots, Ebay, Best Buy,, the Hudson’s Bay Company and many, many more stores.

Your Savings Advantage

This is where ShipByMail is your secret advantage to getting the best possible deals. Many popular brands don’t provide international mailing services. Regardless of their origin, ShipByMail gets your purchases to you swiftly and safely from your virtual mailing address in Canada to you, wherever you are on the planet. We’ve been package forwarders for many retailers, giving our Members substantial savings on items that would have otherwise cost much more if purchased locally. Thinking of ordering something? Estimate the price of package forward delivery from your Canadian address to wherever you are using our handy Shipment Calculator.

Consolidate and Save Big

There’s A Bonus?

ShipByMail can get you even better savings from your Boxing Week deals through Canadian mail, sending the forward package to you. If you were purchasing directly from retailers, shipping rates would be much higher but you would need to pay shipping for every single package from every single retailer. That would add up to a lot if lost savings. The best part of shopping with ShipByMail? Our consolidation service means we can combine all your purchases into a single package for shipment, passing on huge savings to you. At ShipByMail, we know you want the best possible items at the best possible prices. That’s why we’re here to help!

From tiny to huge, ShipByMail is able to accommodate any of your forward packages needs. From the smallest items such as socks or household décor to larger items such as bikes, electronics, equipment and more, we can get it to you. At ShipByMail, there are no surprises or hidden fees.

Happy Shopping!
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