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Additional Services Service Charge
Inbound Processing CAD $4.99 per package
Multi Package Consolidation CAD $4.99 per package
Order 3 photos of your purchases CAD $2.99
Contents Check CAD $4.99
Electronics Check CAD $9.99
Additional Packaging CAD $14.99
Insurance (Optional) CAD $2.99 per CAD $100 of product value
BuyForMe Service (Assisted Purchase) 15% of Purchase Value or CAD $8.70 (whichever is greater)
Product Return CAD $34.99 + Applicable Local Postage (if required)
Storage Fees CAD $1 per day per KG after 30 days
Disposal Fee CAD $4.99
*Quote excludes specialty items such as food items, medicines, liquids, perfumes, certain lithium battery shipments, and dangerous goods shipments. If you are uncertain about the products you are shipping, please contact one of our Shipping Experts here