Some territories have a duty free allowance on imports, meaning that goods under a specific value are tax exempt. Grenada is no exception: imports valued over 20 XCD require a duty and goods over 20 XCD are taxable. Some items are also subject to a proportional duty or additional tariff, including alcohol and tobacco.

Import customs are payable upon delivery of the package to Grenada, not when they are sent from your virtual mailing address or your virtual mailing addresses. As a result, duties & tax are not included in the cost of your ShipByMail shipment.

ShipByMail Promise

We guarantee the safety of your forward packages to ShipByMail. If your purchased goods arrive to ShipByMail virtual mail addresses in Canada in substandard condition, we will notify you and pause the shipment: this way, you won’t pay duties on products that have to be returned/exchanged with the original provider.


Express Shipping from the ShipByMail warehouse to Grenada will take 4-8 business days.

ShipByMail Promise

We work as fast as possible to combine your items into a single package and get your Canadian mailing delivered from your address in Canada without delay. Our clients from Grenada often obtain their shipments more quickly than the estimated transit times.


Certain commodities are restricted or banned for import into Grenada. For a list of banned or restricted goods for import, please contact your local Grenadian customs office or get in touch with our Shipping Experts for further assistance.

ShipByMail Promise

As specialists in export/import business, we can ship your goods with ease from your Canadian addresses (our warehouse). If you have any questions about your address or about your forwarding package, our Shipping Experts would be happy to assist. We can also provide tips on how to legally ship to Grenada, plus assist you to complete any required shipping and import documentation on your virtual Canadian mailing address.


Many popular brands don’t provide international shipping services. That’s where ShipByMail comes in! Regardless of their origin, ShipByMail gets your purchases to you swiftly and safely from your virtual mailing address or virtual mailing addresses in Canada to you in Grenada.

By joining ShipByMail, your goods are sent directly to our Canadian warehouse (your Canadian address) before we expedite them to you. Shop from an expansive list of Canadian retailers with your ShipByMail Canada address, regardless of their shipping limitations or restrictions.

ShipByMail enables any Grenadian resident or business to purchase their favourite international brands and get those goods shipped their way as quickly as possible. How do we do it?

  • Become a ShipByMail member and you’ll be sent your very own ShipByMail Canadian addresses.
  • Shop online at any international store, including Canada Goose, The Bay, Lululemon, Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, Toys R Us, Roots, Ebay and many, many more.
  • At checkout, include your ShipByMail virtual mail address.
  • Once your order is received by ShipByMail, as your package forwarder we’ll send you a notification, assist you with customs documentation and expedite (package forward) the items from your address Canada to Grenada.

Ready to shop? Join ShipByMail to receive your free Canada-based virtual addresses right away!

ShipByMail PRICING: How much does it cost to Import (Forward Package) to Grenada from Canada without Breaking the Bank?

There are five elements that determine the price of international shipping:

  • WEIGHT – How heavy is the package?
  • SPEED – We will package forward your Canadian mail to you in the quickest, most cost effective manner
  • CARRIER –  What freight company do you choose? (ShipByMail provides shipping discounts from major national carriers (package forwarders)
  • DESTINATION – Your area within Grenada may have an impact on the price.
  • MEMBERSHIP – ShipByMail provides free membership where all members receive their address, a discounted shipping rate along with many premium services for their Canadian mail shipment

Thinking of ordering something? Estimate the price of delivery from your Canadian address to Grenada by using our handy Shipment Calculator.